Organizing and holding conferences and workshops is central to CoF’s work. They are aimed at an international public, and may deal either with highly specific topics or with wide-ranging questions associated with the theme of corporate governance. Discussion will bring together prominent figures from the academic, business and investing worlds; findings arrived at will be formulated jointly and subsequently published.

The most important event for the issuing companies is the annual general meeting – it is their highest body and the locus of public involvement of the owners/shareholder: the platform of CORPORATE GOVERNANCE.


09-11-2006 – 10-11-2006
Brooklyn Bridge: TBLI Conference Europe 2006, Paris

04-10-2006 – 04-10-2006
Quatrième colloque de l’Association Française de Gouvernement d’Entreprise (AFGE),
Paris, Palais du Luxembourg: “Rôle et responsabilité des investisseurs institutionnels, des actionnaires et des émetteurs”
04-07-2006 – 06-07-2006
International Corporate Governance Network Annual Conference
Cape Town South Africa:


31-03-2006 – 01-04-2006

The new date will be comunicated soon.

Organization of AGMs in France and Germany

COF – Workshop in Florence – 31.3. – 1.4.2006
Villa Schifanoia, European University Institute

On the motto learn by communicating French and German participants are invited to a round-table discussion and exchange of views, especially regarding key-problems like Q&A-Session; in Germany or Internet-Voting in France.

Some comments:

“I would be delighted to attend and look forward to receiving any further details you might have so that we might discuss in greater detail the structure and outputs you are interested in” – V.E. Bank of N.Y.

“..So interessant die Konferenz in Florenz auch wäre: wir befinden uns in der THV – Einladungsphase und meine Anwesenheit hier ist leider unverzichtbar” – T.S. Deutsche Post World Net