Corporate social responsibility – a new trend in corporate governance

Corporate Governance: New Trends

For more successful business, many large enterprises, concerns, conglomerations use corporate governance. Its main goal is to avoid a conflict of interest between the owners of the company and its managers. This method of administration helps shareholders to control the management of the company, influence management, and distribute the results of operations equitably. This set of measures requires a reliable way of storing and systematizing large amounts of information. Virtual data rooms are most suitable for this purpose.

The data room provider guarantees:

  • Reliable protection of documents located on the cloud from unauthorized access;
  • Security of M&A transactions during mergers;
  • Access of all interested persons to the reporting of managers, the results of the general meetings of issuing companies.

The VDR provider will provide maximum service availability and ease of use: it does not need to install additional software for the data room. Managing users is also quite simple: the administrator creates groups with different levels of access to room functions, individual files.

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Main models

Depending on the specifics of the economies of different countries, the mentality of their inhabitants, several strategies for managing large companies are distinguished. It is customary to distinguish between the two most common models:

  • American: assumes preemptive rights of shareholders, due to the high liquidity of shares, the market plays a significant role in management;
  • Continental (German, insider): based on maintaining a balance of interests of all parties, their mutual responsibility.

Corporate governance ensures the high competitiveness of the company, helps to attract investment.

Club Florence Innovation

The International Institute for Corporate Strategies, founded in 2003 in Florence, has set a new trend. The founders of the Club (CoF) believe that in addition to the tasks of effective management, corporate leadership also has corporate social responsibility – the need to consider the interests of society.

CoF stands for reliable ways of doing business, calls for support and encouragement of scientific research, and the publication of publications on research by scientists. For the rapid dissemination of their work, the M&A data room is ideally suited: a large number of users in different countries can access the document at the same time, if necessary, files are protected by watermarks or other means.

One of the goals of the Association is to conduct educational work: organize courses, lectures, seminars, conferences, and international meetings. Using the services of a data room, you can conduct online webinars on corporate performance management, attracting companies to solve cultural and environmental problems.