Club of Florence and contributions of the company into society

There’s nothing like virtual data room.

The volunteer contributions of the company to the development of society – corporate social responsibility. With a certain periodicity in the club Florence (self-organization of man) there are certain measures, but to prepare you, you must have a lot of time.
Virtual Datarooms accelerate this and are helped to keep everything in order. These events also sometimes raise money for charity and there is nothing better to cover than a

The virtual data room is:
• The availability of information from all your devices;
• back up your files;
• sync data with all your devices;
• Storage of materials that you do not need now, but over time it may be necessary to revise them;
• Convenient organization of collaboration of multiple people to whom you have access to the information.

The entrepreneur is voluntarily involved in the social sphere:
• ensures a good reputation and respect of business partners;
• lays the foundation for the rise in the future;
• form a positive opinion about themselves among the consumer target groups;
• widens the horizon for successful company development.

Social responsibility in production requires that the entrepreneur:
• responsible for the safety, quality of manufactured products;
• Provides consumers with comprehensive information about possible side effects from using or using the product.
Corporate social responsibility through versatility.

They are divided as follows:
• Internal – the safety of workers, the stability of payment of wages, health insurance of staff, training, retraining and increasing the qualifications of employees, providing material support to employees in difficult situations. In addition, there is the responsibility to the creditors, the shareholders, investors and business partners.
• External – patronage, sponsorship, cooperation with authorities and representatives of the entrepreneurial class, participation in environmental protection, responsibility for the quality of manufactured products and services provided, etc.
The charity can be found not only financially, but also in the form of such support as:
• content to keep the personal area clean, cleaning the park, tree plantings;
• provision of employment for people with disabilities;
• Care for the old, orphans.
In the general sense, corporate social responsibility has three directions:
• ecological (solution of questions of exhaustion, pollution of natural (water, earth) resources, changes of climate on earth, etc.);
• social;
• the economic.

The motives of the entrepreneur responsible for social affairs may be different – moral aspirations, patriotism, personal ambitions, the desire to glory or cause, consumer confidence. The main thing is that the voluntary gratuitous activity was effective and productive – benefited, its fellow human beings and society as a whole.